Thursday, August 30, 2012

Classes start in September, plus barnehage themes

August's theme for barnehage, our children's Norwegian-language playgroup, was "camping".  I set up a camp on one side of the room, complete with the Fisher Price Fun to Imagine 2 in 1 backpack and tent camping set.  A little working lantern was there for a day, but then one of the children put it away somewhere else (and I haven't be able to find it since).

The children had fun roasting marshmallows and hotdogs over the fire, hiding in the tent from various woodland creatures (me in the role of a bat, an owl, and a bear), but defending their food from the bear was scarier than they thought it would be.  Then they pretended to be various animals and ran around the room on all fours, having a great time!

One of the children lined up the roll & graph and plant or animal sorting cards from 2 Teaching Mommies' Forest Pack, then went through and named them all in English while I told the class the Norwegian words.  At the end of each class time, I took pictures of the noun cards (and some of the other cards, where applicable) with the objects they represented.  These will become part of our word wall, as well as word walls at home (via sending the pictures by e-mail to the families).

Norwegian classes for adults will start next week, as will lille leikarringen (children's Scandinavian dance) practice.  Registration for Norwegian classes is still open through the first two weeks of September.  Enrollment for lille leikarringen and barnehage is ongoing.  See the links on the right side of this blog for more information on these programs.

The barnehage theme for September will be "dinosaurs".  My nephew was helping me set up and test out the sensory box for this, using small dino toys, rice, and dried split peas.  We had a couple dino digs, then he built a dinosaur world himself.

Digging for dinos
JJ's dino world