Monday, September 3, 2012

Dinosaur theme for barnehage

The kids absolutely loved the new dinosaur theme!  Right when they first came in, they saw the dino dig I'd set up in front of the play tent (from our camping theme) and asked if they could start in.  I supplied various buckets and tins, two metal ice cream scoops (with non-moveable parts), and paintbrushes.

The kids uncovered every single one of the dinosaurs, made dino soup, and pretended they were Tyrannosaurus Rex with the hand puppets.  One student wanted to get a My Little Pony to be a friend to her dinosaurs, so she went over to the table where the ponies normally are.  She found the shoebox they are stored in, but she also found the rest of the dinosaur-themed activities!

The playmat came with the plastic dinosaurs, but it made a great Play-Doh mat as well.  I supplied little containers of Play-Doh (that were originally sold as Halloween trick-or-treat handouts a couple years ago) in a basket, and the kids had fun making tracks with the dinos.  The cards on the bottom of the picture are dinosaur matching cards from Busy Bee Kids Printables.  The backpack and other shapes on the left have matching "shadow" cutouts, and are all dinosaur- or paleontology-themed.  They are free from Danielle Danver's TpT store.  The dinosaur bones on the top are all different lengths, lending themselves easily to a standard and non-standard measuring activity, although one child asked if she could color them in.  They are at Sparklebox, which is a wonderful site with free printables in many languages.

I will be adding more activities as the month progresses, depending on how many students come each week.  I've collected most of these ideas, plus more, on my Pinterest dinosaur board.